Due to the Club losing 2 months of play the Non-refundable Membership fees will be based upon a 10 month season, subs becoming due by 1st June 2020.
For those members wishing to delay renewing their membership until doubles play is allowed, membership will be calculated on a month’s left to play basis.

All fees are to be paid via Clubspark.
The rates below are a guide for normal full year


Senior Over 21
new rate *
Husband & Wife / Partners
new rate *
Family Membership
See Notes
Applies to families with a child or children under 18 at the start of the Club Year: an adult Club Member is entitled to free Full Junior membership for one playing child under 18 in the family. Husband & Wife Members are entitled to the usual Husband & Wife rate plus free Full Junior membership for two children in the same family. Additional children joining will pay the respective full subscriptions.
Senior Under 21 / Over 18
new rate *
Full Time Student Over 18
Subject to proof of course & college attendance
New Member
new rate *
New members will be expected to become Full Members after one year.
Country Member
new rate *
Applies only to Members living 25 miles or more away from the Club
County Student
Applies to members away at University or Polytechnic who wish to play during the holidays.
Summer Only Senior
new rate *
April 1 to September 30 and based on around 84% of the Yearly Subscription
Social Member
Non-playing membership
Coaching Membership
Enables children to continue to attend coaching sessions.
Full Junior
Juniors members are able to play in Adult Club sessions at the discretion and recommendation of the Club Coach.

Junior – Advanced Member

Juniors Advanced Members are able to play in Adult Club Night sessions and Adult Tournament at the discretion and recommendation of the Club Coach.
  Junior with Full Adult
One free Junior Membership is available per adult parent that joins with a full Senior over 21 Membership.



  • All the above subscriptions are subject to 10% increase if not paid by 1st May 2018.
  • New Members
    Subscriptions must be paid on application.
  • Late Payment
    Anyone who does not pay the Yearly Subscription or Summer Only Subscription by 1st June, or New Members within 30 days of acceptance, will no longer be entitled to play at the club or in matches, but membership may be reinstated at the discretion of the Committee subject to an addition of 20% for late payment (rounded up to next highest £).
  • Over21 / Under 18 Seniors
    These are non-student members aged over 18 but under 21 on the first day of the club year (1st April).
  • Full Time Student
    Over 18 on 1st April and attending full time a further education establishment. Proof of enrolment/attendance is required.