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Margate Lawn Tennis Club 2021 Open

WILL be taking place, entry is just £5 for all Competitions inc Vets and Handicap.

Full details here.




2020 – Due to Covid 19 it has not been possible to run the normal tournaments this year.
However a limited Mixed Vet’s’ competition has been organised.

Mixed Vets Autumn Tournament (First Edition) 2020

(For Senior Gentlemen and their Lady Partners)

Friday 25th September 2020 – 3pm to 6pm

Group 1: Roger and Serena Group
a Christian F  Minda F-B
b Tony D Wendy B
c Alan G Carol D-M
d Chris H Dianne D
Courts 1 & 2


Schedule of Play – 3pm Start
Court 1 Court 2
CF & M F-B v. CH & DD TD & WB v. AG & CD-M
CH & DD V. TD & WB CF & MF-B v. AG & CD-M
CF & MF-B v. TD & WB CH & DD v. AG & CD-M
One Set with 7-point Tie-break if required


Group 2: Rafa and Martina Group
e Bill B Liz G
f Tony W Glenis H
g Eddie C Helen K
h Ian G Diana F
Courts 5 & 6


Schedule of Play – 3pm Start
Court 5 Court 6
BB & LG v. IG & DF TW & GH v. EC & HK
IG & DF v. TW & GH BB & LG v. EC & HK
BB & LG v. TW & GH IG & DF v. EC & HK
One Set with 7-point Tie-break if required


  • Winners of each set awarded 1 Point;
  • Group Winners and Runners-up decided by Points then Games Won
  • Winners of Groups play off on Court 1 (1st & 2nd Place)
  • Runners-Up of Groups play off on Court 2 (3rd & 4th Place)

Note: Please observe proper tennis rules and etiquette and, particularly, ensure that all MLTC Covid-19 Protocols are strictly adhered to.






2019 Handicap Tournament
Finals 28th Sept (or 29th if rained off) 2019


Handicap rules 2019

MLTC Handicap tournament 2019.



Dear Members.


Here are the guideline rules and advice for the club handicap tournament for 2019. The finals are on SATURDAY 28th September 2019, with SUNDAY 29th September as a reserve date if it rains.


Referee: Tony Williams   Mobile: 07988 402288   email:

Results Reporting and Online Posting: Roy Valentine:


Rules for 2019


  1. Matches are to be played on the clay courts unless BOTH players/teams agree to go on the hard. (Please don’t forget to book online).


  1. Matches are to be played over one long set, first to 11 games, (but two games ahead, e.g. 12-10, 13-11, etc., if necessary).


  1. Single Point Deuce: Traditionally, single point, (sudden death), deuce has been used in MLTC Handicap Tournaments and should be used in the 2019 edition. It shortens matches and is a part of the basis of handicaps.


Implementation: If a game goes to deuce, the deciding point is played as follows:


Singles: the player RECEIVING Serve may decide on which side the point is played,


Men’s Doubles and Ladies Doubles: the RECEIVING Pair decide who will receive,


Mixed Doubles: service should be Man-to-man, or Lady-to-lady.


  1. Winners MUST email results to Roy, (c.c. Tony), asap after the match has finished.


  1. All players/teams should bring 4 balls of reasonable quality (new if possible) to the match. Cost should be shared if new balls or lights are provided by one player/team.


Note: If any matches have already been completed where the Single Point Deuce was not used, the results will stand.

The Draw – update 24/09 15:35

Mens Singles draw Mens_singles_hcap_17 (final)
Mens Doubles draw mens_doubles_hcap2019_10 (final)
Ladies Singles draw Ladies_singles_hcap2019_8 (final)
Ladies Doubles draw ladies_doubles_hcap2019_9  (final)
Mixed Doubles draw Mixed_doubles_hcap2019_12

Fee for entry to ALL 2019 tournaments is just £5

Download Margate-Club HC_Tournament-Rules-2019


The Margate Lawn Tennis Club Open Tournament 2019
Weather update… Play was interrupted by rain on Saturday 27th, The Mens Doubles will continue on 28th July at 2pm. Followed by the Mixed Doubles Final.

 *** There is an excel spreadsheet with most of the entrants phone numbers available (all have consented to share this information SOLEY for the purpose of arranging matches)
If you send a request to  (in the subject box please put “contacts”) the list will be forwarded to you.  The list will also be posted on the club noticeboard.

The draw is as follows:

Mens singles draw MensOpenSingles2019_21 FInal **
Womens singles draw LadiesOpenSingles2019_6 Final **
Mixed doubles draw MixedOpenDoubles2019_8_Final **
Mens doubles draw MensOpenDoubles2019_8
Womens doubles draw LadiesOpenDoubles2019_7 Final **


Mens first round losers are automatically entered into “The Plate” competition.  The draw has been made, download the spreadsheet and get arranging those matches!

Mens Plate – Mens_Plate_8

Finals are to be played on the 27th (Sat) of July or if rained off, the 28th.

Fee for entry to ALL 2019 tournaments is just £5


Margate Lawn Tennis Club
2019 Vets Tournament




  1. Finals day 1st June (2nd if rained off)
  2. 1st Round matches to be played by April 28th (extended by 7 days)
  3. 2nd round (if required) matches to be played by 12th May
  4. Click on “Matchdraw” tab at bottom of spreadsheet to view the draw
  5. Please do not edit the spreadsheets, just send your result/s via our contact page OR by email to OR inform Roy or Tony at the club. Spreadsheets will be updated accordingly and made available for re-download.
  6. Contact details are on the entry forms in the clubhouse, it is up to YOU to arrange matches


NOTE:  The only way that these results can be kept up to date
is if you let Tony Williams know your results ASAP  OR email them to:

Mens Singles Draw – download here Mens_Singles_Vets_2019  update 28/May
Ladies Singles Draw – download here W_Singles2_Vets_2019  update 29/May

Ladies Doubles Draw – download here W_Doubles_Vets_2019  update 28/May
Mens Doubles Draw – download here M_Doubles_Vets_2019  update 29/May

Mixed Doubles Draw – download here Mixed_Doubles_Vets_2019  update 29/May

2018 Handicap Tournament

Ladies Handicap Doubles 2018

Ladies Handicap singles 2018

Mens Handicap Doubles 2018

Mens Handicap singles 2018

Mixed Handicap Doubles 2018


Any queries? ….. please contact Bob Whitehead – organiser/Referee



2018 Open Tournament

Any queries? ….. please contact Bob Whitehead – organiser/Referee

Ladies Open Doubles 2018

Ladies Open Singles 2018

Mens Open Doubles 2018

Mens Open Singles 2018

Mixed Open 2018

Margate Club Tournament rules 2018