Committee Meeting 09/11/21

Many Items discussed including the realignment of bar prices (mostly downwards!) to match the actual stock that the club carries.  The need for strong, reliable players for the mens second team (Let Keith Clarke know if you are interested). There will be a quiz night early in the new year – run by Lee Morris and Lynne Giles has aquired a defibrilator which will be secured to the middle hut in due course.

The main story of the night was that Chris and Glenis Harwood would be stepping down as Chairman and Treasurer at the end of March 2022.  They have both done a fantastic job while in office and seen the club through some of the most difficult times – think Covid19.  Yet despite all the challenges, MLTC now has the highest membership ever . In fact another topic discussed was that we should possibly close the door to new members for a while.  As well as our enviable membership figures are the ones that describe our financial position, the healthiest in the history of the club.  So well done Glenis, and well done Chris.