News from abroad (Walmer)

The Margate Open is underway and accepting entries, meanwhile in another corner of Kent, a fair few members of Margate are playing in the Walmer Open, a well respected and attended tournament that is played on grass.

The first days play Sunday 26th was looking sketchy, with poor weather forecast and a very busy schedule.  Happily all matches got played with a very high percentage of Margate wins, so well done to:

Gentlemen’s Singles R32 Reece Mabberley[7] James Gotke 6-3 6-0
Gentlemen’s Singles R32 Dylan Jacobs Alex Stroud 6-2 1-6 10-7 
Gentlemen’s Doubles R32 Josh Houseman+Dylan Jacobs Lee Graeme+Arun Natarajan 6-1 6-0 
Mens Singles O55s R16 Steven Jeffries Ian Digges 7-6 6-3 
Mens Doubles O65s – Group B RR3 Keith Clark+Bob Whitehead John Cresswell+Andrew Gregory 6-1 6-1 
Gentlemen’s Singles R64 Oliver Hudson- Floyd Timothy Pitt 6-2 6-1 
Mens Doubles O55s – Group A RR3 Steven Jeffries+Roy Valentine Martin Perks+Christopher Seaden 6-3 6-1
Mens Doubles O75s RR2 William Baxendale+Keith Clark Geoff Cannon+Charles Coish 6-1 6-0

Monday 26th – More good news from Archery Square

Mens Doubles O45s R16 Laurence Harding+Simon Tonkiss Tony Debling+Steven Jeffries 6-2 6-0 
Ladies’ Doubles O50s – Group B RR2 Mary Carewe+Sharon Clarke Diane Gainsborough+Helen Gibby 5-7 6-3 10-8 
Ladies’ Singles QF Amie Tonkiss[2] Victoria Twyman 6-1 6-2 
Mens Doubles O75s RR4 William Baxendale+Keith Clark Bill Brooks+Barrie Gore 6-2 6-3 
Mens Singles O40s R32 Simon Tonkiss David Wilson 2-6 7-6 10-8 
Ladies’ Doubles QF Caroline Latham+Amie Tonkiss Clare Roper+Lucy Roper 6-4 7-5

Tues 27th

Gentlemen’s Singles R32 Simon Tonkiss Matt Liggins 6-1 6-4 
Mens Doubles O65s – Group B RR2 Keith Clark+Bob Whitehead Graeme Boddy+Tony Parulis 6-4 6-1 

Wed 28th – A windy day.

Ladies’ Doubles O50s – Group B RR1 Mary Carewe+Sharon Clarke Janet Norton O’Neill+Pat Way 3-6 6-2 11-9 
Gentlemen’s Doubles R16 Reece Mabberley+Gavid Vickers[5] James Gotke+Marcus Stone 6-3 7-6 
Mixed Doubles R16 Reece Mabberley+Amie Tonkiss[6] Tony Parulis+Victoria Twyman 6-0 6-0 

Thursday – another windy day

Mens Doubles O75s RR1 William Baxendale+Keith Clark Graeme Boddy+Andrew Gregory 6-0 6-0 
Gentlemen’s Singles R16 Reece Mabberley[7] Neil Wilson[9] 6-4 6-0 
Mixed Doubles O45s R16 Steven Jeffries+Jocelyn Cox Tony Parulis+Victoria Twyman 6-3 6-4 
Mens Doubles O75s RR5 William Baxendale+Keith Clark John Cresswell+Tony Parulis 6-2 6-0 


Over 65’s final SF Keith Clark+Bob Whitehead Bill Brooks+Colin Christy 6-1 6-2 
Ladies’ Singles SF Amie Tonkiss[2] Sandra Chambers 6-1 6-2 


Congratulations on Bob Whitehead and Keith Clark winning the men’s over 65s doubles final and to Bill Baxendale and Keith Clark who won the 075’s mens doubles, also on Amie Tonkiss making it through to the final of the Ladies Singles.