Toilets – Normal service will be resumed soon 20-07-2021

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away, a group of enthusiastic club members at M.L.T.C built “the shed”. A joint storage facility and toilet block in between courts 1/2 and 3/4.  The drainage was basic, two flushing toilets emptying through pipes into a soakaway (course earth) between the shed and the practice court.  With increased usage over a length of time, the ability for the ground to continue absorbing members waste failed and the system began to back up, the toilets failed to flush properly, something had to be done.

Tank ready for placement – Far right Barry Peachy

Enter BP Drains who after providing a competitive quote have begun work (19-07-21) on ‘digging out’ and installing a proper septic tank in that area in front of the practice court.  It will not take much longer to complete which will no doubt be a big relief to us all (geddit – ed).

When the tank is in use, please take care of it and only flush natural substances (NO S.T’s, plastic packaging or anything other that tissue paper)

Thank you

The committee