Court Maintenance (Fri) Day 02 July ’21

Court Maintenance.
Friday 02/07/21

Many thanks to those who turned up to help with all the weeding, painting, fixing and clay spreading, as well as the supporters who provided food and logistical assistance.

  • Courts 1 & 2 & 5 & 6 have had fresh clay spread, which will hopefully help extend their playing lives. 
  • The courts borders have been weeded and cleared of three or more years of debris.
  • The storage box on 5/6 has been cleared.
  • The fence on court 2 has been secured.
  • The benches have been taken out of storage, washed and painted

Diana cleverly stands to paint, Larry was still stuck to the bench during the Murray match at 7pm


The right sort of day for it


Looks like George is trying to leave the club again


“Tony & The Courtettes” spreading a little love.