28th Jan – Tennis Aid Africa – Appeal

Many thanks to the offers of equipment for this appeal

Donations were generously made by:

Richard Yardley
George and Sandra Buckmeister
Max Valentine
Chris & Glenis Harwood
Helen Kemp
Roy Valentine

Updates on where those racquets, balls and grips went, will follow!


“Tennis Aid Africa” is an organisation that promotes tennis in African countries that have suffered internal conflict and under developed economies where there are very limited resources available for the beautiful game of tennis.  They have recently given me a contact who will be visiting Sierra Leone and Ghana some time in March/April. His name is Sam Jalloh.


Sam is looking mainly for racquets junior and adult (not broken ones please), balls (with some life left in them – or new!) and string to take with him and to distribute to clubs and individuals that he visits so any equipment that you have that has been sitting in a cupboard/box/garage/shed, unused would really be appreciated.

I will be available to collect any gear offered on Monday 1st of Feb – maybe 2nd too,  and I will collect from doorstep / side path – so contactless!

Just let me know what you’ve got and the address to collect from.

Roy Valentine

07763311941 (on whatsapp)

Many thanks