Covid update – Dec 04 – Social Play

the officials of the Club have revued the latest LTA guidance for Tier 3 and have also conducted additional discussions with Kent LTA.

As a result of this,  I can confirm that organised Clubnight/Social Tennis numbers will remain limited to 12 members only, This decision has been taken in the absolute best interest of our members based upon the exceptionionaly high rate of positive Covid tests currently being recorded in the area. 

Whilst we are in tier 3 and as a further safety precaution we would ask members playing on Sunday and Monday mornings  prior to social tennis to please vacate their courts and the premises by no later than 9.55 am.

This will also apply to the arrival of Social Members please do not arrive until 10am.

During organised social tennis, courts 1,2,5,6 are reserved purely exclusively for managed play, any other play outside of organised social during this period is strictly forbidden. (even if a court is free)

Each organised social event has to be run by an official of the club who is a volunteer, their word is final. Please respect their decision and follow the above rules.

All other play: Singles Doubles etc remains as per guidelines laid down in my letter of 2nd December 2020.

Thanking you for your absolute co-operation during these difficult times. Your safety is paramount.

Very best wishes


Chris Harwood

Chairman MLTC