Covid Query – Dec 04

I have today been asked a very relevant question that requires clarification to all Members.

If I play a singles or set four game prior to a Clubnight/Managed Social Session, can I join Clubnight/Social tennis afterwards?

(A Managed Clubnight/Social Session is a Track n Trace Compliant session Managed by an Official of The Club).

The answer is yes as long as you strictly adhere to the following guidelines.

1. You must pre-book Managed session and receive confirmation of acceptance a minimum of two hours prior to start of play.

2. You must leave your game 10 minutes prior to start of Managed Social session.

3. Ensure hands are thoroughly sanitised prior to joining new group.

4.Under no circumstances use balls that were played with in previous singles/set four game.

The above applies to Managed Track N Trace Social Tennis Only. In all other circumstances the rule of 6 applies.

As long as the above guidelines are strictly adhered to, a Member is allowed to join a Managed Social session.


I would ask Members to do a little soul searching and consider their fellow Members who may not be able to organise their own games and rely solely on Managed Social events for their tennis, especially under the current limitatiions (12 only) per managed session.

Under the current conditions “A little thought goes a long way”

Thanking you for your consideration.

Stay Safe! Enjoy your Tennis!

Best Wishes


Chris Harwood

Chairman MLTC


Margate Lawn Tennis Club