July 11 – Latest News

Following the latest Kent LTA webinar meeting in which Lynn took part.
The officials of the club held a meeting to discuss Lynns feedback and latest LTA guidelines.
It does appear that the operational guidelines that we currently have in place are working very well and we have decided at this stage not to implement any further changes.

In short as we are a private members club, Benches remain out of bounds and the Clubhouse will remain closed until further notice.
We are watching developments carefully and will keep you informed as we progress.

Thank you Lynn for your time taken in participating in these very worthwhile webinars.


A few pointers/reminders to please observe:

Social gatherings on the premises or outside the main entrance are not permitted.

The mixing in rule still applies for example:
Court 1 has 2 players and court 2 has 4 players, courts 1 and 2 may mix across the two courts.

Court 1 has 4 players and court 2 has 4 players, courts 1 and 2 CANNOT mix in,
Any groups larger than 6 cannot mix in.


Can I please remind you again about rubbish!!!
The Club is run by volunteers and as such are not expected to be rubbish collectors.

Could those people who continue to leave dirty plasters, bottles, tissues etc, on Club premises please have some common decency and take their rubbish HOME!!
Many thanks to Gavid and Dave (Gardener) for clearing the grounds of rubbish this week.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank those members who have complied with our guidelines and to wish you some great summer tennis.

Please take the time to read the latest LTA guidance: Click on link below.


All very best wishes

Chris Harwood
Chairman MLTC

Margate Lawn Tennis Club