Junior coaching update 04 Jun 2020

Firstly I have to say how nice it is to be back on court playing again. I have seen many of you playing with friends and parents which is great to see.

As you may have seen in the press and via club emails group coaching can now proceed under strict controls. These controls include:

1. The maintenance of social distancing at all times within the court/session and outside of it on arrival and exit.
2. Only 5 children are permitted on to court at any one time.
3. Children are not permitted to touch the balls unless under the strict guidance of the coach (i.e. gloves or sanitiser use before and after use).
4. Court markers will be used to help keep children apart and drills will be modified accordingly.
5. Children will receive a weekly quick verbal reminder of all the things they must do to remain safe within the sessions.

As you know the club for many years has offered maximum flexibility in terms of attendance and payment through our pay as you go model. Due to the restrictions currently in place this will no longer be possible and for a temporary time the following process will replace PAYG:

A four week course will be run over June. To sign up to the course you will need to book and pay for the course in advance. This ensures a cashless payment process and allows me to manage the numbers attending effectively.
The smaller groups guarantee closer attention and analysis of your child’s ability and subsequent interventions to improve them. As such a course of 4 weeks will be £32 (£8 per lesson) which is a temporary increase until the courses return to normal.

To book these courses you will need to visit our website at www.margatetennis.co.uk and click the coaching tab. Find the course that most suits your child’s ability and follow the simple instructions through to payment.

Alternatively you can click the links below to secure your space:

Orange Ball Course

Green Ball Course

Full Ball Course – Grades 15-16

Full Ball Course – Grades 17-19

Full Ball Course – Grade 20+

You may have noticed that red ball sessions have not restarted and that is because we all felt it would be too difficult to maintain social distancing for this group. This may change in the future. Red Ball private lessons are available for any parents who would like to get their children back on court.

I have restricted the courses to a Monday only at present while I gauge interest in this new format. We do have the ability to expand on to other days of the week if there is demand. Please email me if you believe additional sessions would be welcome.

This is our first step back towards normal and while I appreciate things are going to be different and challenging in the short term I’m sure you share my excitement about this positive move in the right direction for your children’s tennis.

Thank you as always for your continued support of the club and its coaching team.

All the best


Gavid Vickers
Head Coach
LTA Level 4 Club Coach, PTR Instructor and Licensed LTA Official

Margate Lawn Tennis Club