Court etiquette and Rules – Please read.

I find myself unfortunately already having to remind all Members of Club etiquette and certain rules.
We unfortunately have a minority who are disregarding these .
The following rules must be adhered to:

Take all your rubbish home., this includes old tennis balls, tin ball canister tops, tissues and bottles etc.

If you book a court and decide not to play, please cancel it Immediately.
By not cancelling you are restricting other Members opportunities to book that court.
To cancel court go onto: My bookings and cancel.

Sweeping courts after play is not optional, courts must be swept 10 minutes prior to end of booked session every session.
I have received a number of complaints regarding this.

Not adhering to the above is a serious breach of Club rules and anyone found ignoring these will put their Membership in jeopardy.

Please show consideration to your fellow members by complying fully with the above.

Chris Harwood
Chairman MLTC