Restricted opening update – Read the rules.

MLTC Guidelines (Rules) for the Return to Restricted Play During Lockdown

Following the latest Government and L.T.A. advice and on behalf of the Officials of the Club we have pleasure in confirming that MLTC will re-open from THURSDAY 14th May. This will be
singles play only other than where players are all from the same household in which case they can play doubles. This is to allow us to finalise Covid-19 risk assessment implementation and make final preparation to the club and grounds. Please see attached Risk assessment form.

Due to the Club losing 2 months of play the Non-refundable Membership fees will be based upon a 10 month season, subs becoming due by 1st June.
For those members wishing to delay renewing their membership until doubles play is allowed
Membership will be calculated on a month’s left to play basis.
All fees are to be paid via Clubspark. Within the next few days you will receive a new link, showing the revised membership fees, which will enable you to make your payment.

There will of course be very strict rules in place to ensure that we comply fully with the advice given by the Government and the LTA. It would be much appreciated if these rules are adhered to for the safety and wellbeing of all members along with the reputation of the Club.

To download the latest risk assessment re: Covid 19 & MLTC click here



M.L.T.C. Rules for play under current Government and LTA guidelines.

  • Social distancing of 2 metres should be observed when arriving at the club and whilst within the boundaries of the club. Please refrain from gatherings outside of the club gates or on club premises.
  • Travel independently to the club, unless playing with a family member / same household
  • Courts must be booked via Clubspark for a maximum period of 1 ½ hours in any one day.
  • This is to ensure all members have a fair opportunity to play Tennis,
  • Please remember these are unprecedented times with most Families and workers looking to take exercise.
  • This ruling will be reviewed on a weekly basis to ensure fairness to all.
  • Multiple court bookings are not allowed. (Only book the court for your play).
  • Play should stop 10 minutes prior to end of session to enable courts to be swept (Please wear gloves) and for players to vacate the courts in readiness for the next player’s arrival.
  • No more than two players per court unless players are from the same household and under those circumstances a maximum of four may play, spectators are not permitted to be on court.
  • It is suggested that you wear protective gloves when opening and locking the courts, main gate and also when sweeping the courts.
  • It is recommended that you take your own towels and sanitiser if outside toilets have to be used.
  • You will not be able to play if you have any COVID 19 symptoms, you should remain at home and follow government guidance.
  • Balls must be clearly marked for individual play and if the opposite court is in use and balls enter that court, then balls must be returned to players by use of feet or racket only, please do not handle or play with opposing courts tennis balls.
  • Until further notice the practice court is closed and must not be used.


  • Individual lessons unless you are from the same family / household.
  • At all times social distance must be maintained – i.e the coach at one end of the court and the pupil at the other.
  • Coaching will take place on the hard courts only.
  • Only the coach will be able to touch the tennis balls.
  • If you are interested in coaching please contact our Head Coach, Gavid Vickers, directly on 07976057454

The Clubhouse remains closed and out of bounds until further notice.

Please could all members read the guidelines produced by the LTA – Guidance for Tennis Players, Covid-19 : Return to Restricted Play – in full before undertaking tennis activity.
Download from link below:—covid-19.pdf

When determining the reduced Membership fees we have taken into consideration the restrictions we are initially imposing on our members and hope that you will be supportive of the above.
We are aware that some Members may feel unhappy with our current restrictions, we will of course monitor attendance on a weekly basis and endeavour to relax the restrictions on time of play should we find that the courts are not being fully utilised.

We must be fair and considerate to all our members during these difficult times.

Our measures and procedures will be under constant review, updated as government and LTA guidelines evolve in line with the gradual lifting of social restrictions

Thanking you in anticipation of your absolute compliance.

Enjoy safe tennis.

All very best wishes

Lynn Giles – President MLTC

Chris Harwood – Chairman MLTC

Margate Lawn Tennis Club