Life goes on – Latest 100 club results

Good Afternoon All,
Hope you and your families are all well and you are all coping with the lock down.
Last week I did the 100 Club draws whilst talking to Chris and Glenis on the phone.  The results are as follows :-
January 2020
1st = £40 George Buckmaster
2nd = £29 Vic Warden
3rd = £18 Emma O’Callaghan
February 2020
1st = £40 Julie Garratt
2nd = £29 Emma O’Callaghan
3rd = £18 Barbara Chapman
1st = £40 Gavid Vickers
2nd = £29 Wendy Munday
3rd = £18 Emma O’Callaghan
I thought it would be lovely for people to receive a nice surprise in the post.  I did write on all the accompanying letters that cheques are valid for 6 months from the date of issue as I did not want people panicking to pay them into the bank.
Lynn Giles