Covid 19 – Message from Chairman


Following the announcement by the Prime Minister tonight I regret to inform you that we are now compelled to close MLTC grounds in order to comply with Government legislation.
Therefore there will be no tennis for the foreseeable future.*  I would please ask all members to observe this closure as it is to the benefit of all in trying to halt this horrendous virus.

Reference 20/21 membership fees:
As we currently do not know how long the restrictions will be in place, I would kindly ask all members who have not yet renewed their memberships, to withhold payment until such time that the club is allowed to re-open.

Revised membership fees will then be advised based upon period of season that is left to play.
Those members who have already paid their fees for the new season will obviously be entitled to a proportional refund based upon play period lost.
If any member has any queries concerning this arrangement, could they please contact our Treasurer: Glenis Harwood on: 07437 488296.

Hoping that you keep safe and well through these difficult times and look forward to the day that we can all get back to the game we all love so much.

Stay safe
Best wishes

Chris Harwood
Chairman MLTC

* Advice being sought from LTA