Group coaching cancelled 23/03/20

A message from Gavid Vickers, our Head Coach


It is with much pondering and sadness that I have taken the decision to cancel all group coaching with immediate effect.

Perception is a very powerful force and despite all our control measures we need to be mindful of how the sessions look to those external to the club and others who quite rightly feel we should adopt a more cautious approach.

We will continue to conduct 121 lessons or 122 lessons as it far easier to maintain social distancing under these conditions. If you want to arrange a private lesson please contact me via or text me 07976057454.

This is a very sad day for everyone involved in the club and coaching. We have some very loyal and dedicated kids and adults but our priority is to do our bit to bring this saga to an end as quickly as possible.

Stay safe 👌

Best wishes


Margate Lawn Tennis Club