2020 Awards Night Success!


Great night at the club, really well attended so thanks to all who came.


There will be further information on this page later, but if you would like to see all the photographs of the evening they are up on flickr.
click here to view.

As our head coach reminds us, tennis isn’t all about winning trophies, it is a recreation, a way to exercise, to meet new friends and to socialise with old ones.  The “true grit” attitude of playing in all weathers, the willingness to help other members with their game and a sense of sportsmanship are all things that can’t be measured by sets won or points on the board.  We are proud as a club to have a trophy to recognise these traits. This year it goes to Christian Erasmi “Fair player of the year”

Christian receives his “Fair Player of the Year” award from Lynn Giles (President)


View the U18 awards here


OPEN Winner Runner Up
Men’s Singles James Wright Alfie Garrett
Men’s Doubles Gavid Vickers
Jack Pegden
David Whitehead
Bob Whitehead
Winners of the mens doubles in the Open Competition Gavid Vickers (Our head coach)
and Jack Pegden (youngest ever person on the awards boards!)

Ladies Singles Carla Warden Lynn Giles
Ladies Doubles Lynn Giles
Jocelyn Cox
Joanne Warden
Carla Warden
Mixed Doubles Gavid Vickers
Lynn Giles
James Wright
Lesley Wright

James and Lesley Wright take the runners up trophies for the Open
Competition mixed doubles.


Plate Martin Lawford Tony Deblin
VETERANS Winner Runner Up
Men’s Singles Bob Whitehead Simon Tonkiss
Men’s Doubles Bob Whitehead
Keith Clark
Daryll S Jilian
John Biggs
Ladies Singles Liz Gallivan Nicki McCauley
Winner of the Ladies Singles in the Vets Competition, Liz Gallivan
Ladies Doubles Lynn Giles
Jocelyn Cox
Kay Giles
Mixed Doubles Bob Whitehead
Jocelyn Cox
Daryll S Julian
Lynn Giles
HANDICAP Winner Runner Up
Men’s Singles Bill Baxendale Lee Morris
Men’s Doubles Kev Parsons
Mark Baker
Simon Tonkiss
Roy Valentine
Ladies Singles Diana Ferguson Kim LLoyd
Ladies Doubles Diana F
Glenis Harwood
Mixed Doubles Chris Warren
Glenis Harwood
Lee Morris
Joanne Warden

Winners of the Handicap Mixed Doubles Competition – Glenis Harwood and Chris Warren

View the U18 awards here