PLEASE READ – New Staged System and Calendar.

Introducing M.L.T.C. New Staged System and Calendar


As our membership continues to grow our club is gaining a wonderful cross section of members with a wide range of abilities including absolute beginners to seasoned match team players and it is vital that the programme of the club reflects and nurtures the different abilities, after all to facilitate growth it is important to keep an eye on retention too. The club has experienced considerable membership growth over the past 3 years and as a result we have had to start to “future proof” the programme as an influx of new members continues to join the club.  Following feedback from new members it became obvious that it wasn’t always clear what sessions were suitable and this then created uncertainty amongst the new members and impacted our ability to integrate them into the club successfully.  To alleviate this issue we have decided to create a sign posted schedule/programme to ensure that everyone knows the most suitable sessions for them to enjoy. 


The benefits of the new approach include:

  • • Being able to signpost new and existing members to the most appropriate session or sessions.
  • • Avoid total miss matches of level / ability and any resultant embarrassment caused.
  • • Maximises the enjoyment of all in attendance.
  • • Will ensure the conditions are maintained where growth of social sessions continues.  These are the lifeblood of the club.
  • • Will enable us to expand on the success of our other social sessions by replicating this success on Tuesday nights.


Various improvements such as the new “MLTC Signage” and programmes such as Rusty Rackets have been instrumental in driving the membership numbers but the key to increasing revenue (for future investment) over the long term is the successful renewal of membership after the initial year.  Our new sign posted system will enable transparency and ease of reference so new and existing members can confidently attend a session knowing they will be welcome and the standard of play will be appropriate. 

The Committee discussed the pro’s and con’s of this system in length and after careful consideration to our long term members and future strategy decided this change would successfully future proof the clubs programme, create sustainable growth over the medium term and importantly improve the enjoyment of every member attending our social sessions. 

There will be no change for current members who have been attending specific sessions that they have previously attended, so no need to panic.

We believe we now have that system ready to implement which will overlay against all current social sessions (See revised programme at the end of this document).  A brief criteria for the various stages is listed below with specifics for each stage also attached.


Stage 1Absolute beginner

  • • Requires coaching prior to joining social play.


Stage 2Medium standard.

  • • Serve – First or Second Serve in service box then second bounce over baseline.
  • • Ground strokes – Ten stroke rally cross court from 3/4 court.
  • • Volley – Block volleys – five in a row cross court in a rally situation.
  • • Smash – have an idea of how to smash
  • • Scoring – know how to score, and how to call the ball out (verbally and visually)
  • • Tactics – Know how to play back and front doubles (including court positioning)
  • • Court Etiquette – basic court etiquette (sweeping courts, etc)


Stage 3Advanced standard.

  • • Serve – second bounce half way between baseline and back fence.
  • • Ground Strokes – ten stroke cross court rally standing behind baseline.
  • • Volleys – chop volleys – five in a row cross court in rally situation.
  • • Smash – be able to move back for a smash.
  • • Return of Serve – three stages – step, split step, move forward.
  • • Tactics – be able to play side by side doubles (the three cones)
  • • Approach the net when given a short ball (no need to Serve and Volley or Return and Volley)
  • • Be able to demonstrate good vertical movement in doubles.


To help you plan your tennis a schedule has been specifically designed aligned to the staged system that clearly indicates the weekly cycle of sessions and the level that best fits each session.  The calendar also shows when courts are normally available for booking via Clubspark. 

Looking to the future I believe the above system not only gives clarity to our members but will help retain and expand our membership in the years ahead.

I would like to thank you in anticipation of your support with this new system and wish you every

enjoyment with your tennis.

Yours sincerely

Chris Harwood