Court maintenance, what a load of rubbish!

Many thanks to Chris Harwood, Tony Williams and Glenis Harwood who RESPONDED to the request for help with court maintenance on No’s 1 & 2. The result of their efforts are two much tidier courts where much of the debris and fallen foliage has been sieved away and many buckets of the artificial clay has been evenly re-distributed over the playing areas.  This will EXTEND the life of the courts and therefore help REDUCE the cost of club membership in the long run.  The courts may play a little “heavy” or unpredictable for a couple of weeks, until the clay beds in.  So feel free to drag the courts between sets.

And another “After” picture…… read on…….

Another “before” picture…… read on…..

This is the plastic that was found on courts 1 & 2, first thing on Wednesday morning (03/07/19), some of it was probably left from the night before, some of it may have been left from Monday or even earlier.  We don’t know.  What we do know is that:

  • It’s antisocial
  • It makes the courts look untended and dirty
  • We don’t have bins because it costs a small fortune to pay the council to collect rubbish
  • We want to save that money to REDUCE MEMBERSHIP FEES
  • The rubbish left is mostly plastic and certainly the bottles could be re-used
  • Any plastic that goes into our “club rubbish” is NOT sorted and will go into general waste (ie. landfill),
    plastic that is taken home can be put into your re-cycling bins and re-purposed, helping save our planet
  • Anything that can’t be re-used COULD BE TAKEN HOME

So could you ALL, PLEASE make an effort to take back home those empty ball tubes and drinks bottles (whether they are yours or not) & put them in your re-cycling bin.

Rant over, enjoy the all new resurfaced, scrubbed up and dusted courts.