AGM Highlights

Some highlights from 2019 AGM

Pesidents speech (Lynn Giles) outlined positive performance of club, healthy membership numbers and thanks to everyone who has helped move the club forward. Notified all that Alf Borg generously left £5000 to the club in his will.

Chairman (Chris Harwood) thanked all volunteers at the club and welcomed sound financial footing. Special thanks to Lynn Giles for work on safeguarding.

Glenis Harwood (Treasurer) pleased to report healthy finances of club. MLTC still has debts relating to new clay courts but remains solvent.

Coaches report (Gavid Vickers) gave thanks to Miles and Barr for financially supporting “Rusty Rackets”, Junior members increase in numbers, Adult Members increase in numbers.  Mentioned departure of Reece Mabberley & recognised his development to L3 coach. Gave news of  replacement programme involving 13 & 14 year olds. Welcomed David Houseman as supporting L4 coach. Sadly Bob Whitehead resigned as captain of Mens team. MLTC is seeking new captain, Contact any committee member or Bob to express interest.


Secretaries report (Diana Ferguson) Wimbledon ballot will be run “in House” this year. 11 pairs of tickets available.

Could be twice as many if all eligible ‘opted in’. Need to help members on how to do it.  Action plan for club is to be “open” & “live” document. Any ideas can be put forward by any member on how we can improve the club in ANY way – decorating, events, timetables etc etc.