Court Maintainance

To All Members

A very big thank you to the following people for all their hard work in resurfacing, weeding and generally tidying up, Courts 1, 2, 5, and 6.
They now all look superb and are playing as they should.

Tony Williams, Chris Warren, Peter Ferguson, Glenis Harwood, Rob Lawrence and Simon Grinyer.

Could I please ask all members to now ensure that after play, the courts are swept correctly using the dragnets provided working in a circular motion starting from the outer perimeter of the court finishing in the centre of the court. 

If sand starts to build up at the ends of the courts please just drag the sand back onto the courts.

Your help in this task will ensure our courts will last longer and all Club members commence their games with a correctly prepared court and enjoy their game.

Thanking you for your consideration over this very important task.

Best Wishes

Chris Harwood
Chairman M.L.T.C.