Join MLTC now – Live up to 10 more years!

From ‘the guardian‘ newspaper 05/01/2019
“Mind Body and Soul” section


Join a tennis club According to a study of more than 800 people (who were followed for the first six years after they retired by researchers at the University of Queensland), being a member of a club (of any kind) is associated with an increase in reported quality of life. Another study, by US researchers, who followed more than 8,000 people in Denmark for a period of 25 years, found that being a member of a tennis club was particularly beneficial; it conferred almost an extra 10 years of life, compared with people who did not exercise (in comparison, indoor exercises like running on a treadmill conferred only one and a half extra years). The difference, the researchers theorised, was the element of “play”.

Another, even larger UK survey came to the same conclusion, read more here.