Help needed

There is good news and some not so good news. Our fixtures Secretary, Robin has an increased workload at school and has resigned from his position on the committee as fixtures secretary. If you would like to volunteer for this position which would suit someone with a couple of days a year (plus availability for committee meetings) then please let Chris Harwood know.  Or let him know if you would like to nominate someone.

Also regarding the committee, Jasmin is starting an MSc (Good luck!) this September which with her job commitments will leave her precious little spare time, so she is vacating her position on the committee.

MLTC thrives on active members, whether playing or contributimg to the day to day running of the club.  The committee meets regularly and by organising maintainance, the clubhouse, the accounts, social events and tennis matters – avoids outsourcing and cuts cost dramatically.  If you have some time to spare to fill either of Robin’s or Jasmin’s places then please contact Chris.

Thank you